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Our shop is fully-equipped to provide great service for your equipment.

 Lawn Equipment  Service Program

 This is a complete service program for lawn tractors.   

Call the Service Department...  PH 319-665-6500



Special grinding machine for wavy mulching blades.  The narrow grinding wheel follows the unique contour of your mulching blades.

High-capacity load bank tester for generators.  This instrument analyzes Honda generator performance.  Also tests electrical loads in an RV camper.

  Ultrasonic cleaner is used to deep clean carburetors.  Completely cleans fuel passageways.
We sharpen chainsaw chains with this German-built Franzen chain grinder.  It is automatic and computer-controlled.  Right-hand and left-hand links are sharpened uniformly. 
Specialized tire changer for lawn & garden tires.  We perform tire repairs and new tire installation.



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